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Home Theater Design And Installation

Home Theater Design + Installation

We will design and install the Home Theater System of your dreams! We'll help you set up a Dolby Atmos system that separates every channel of audio to fully immerse you in the sound. Hear the most spectacular rockets and explosions or the smallest pin drop.


With the highest quality brands like Dolby Atmos and IMAX, we'll set you up the right way and show you how to control your new home theater! Many streaming services like Netflix and Hulu are now releasing content in the newest 4K picture and Atmos surround sound. Our expert home theater design and installation team will make sure your equipment is up to date, cleanly installed, and set up for the most immersive home theater experience you could imagine.

Smart Home & Automation

Technology is always advancing to make our lives simpler so why not automate your home? There's an abundance of home automation companies and products to choose from but we only use the best, the most reliable, and the highest quality.

By partnering with Crestron, the leader in home automation technology, we make it possible for your window coverings, lighting, sound, and thermostat to be fully automated. and controlled with your phone, iPad, or wall mounted keypad.

With just a touch of a button, turn off your lights, close or open your shades, or even control your pool and spa temperature!

Custom Video Wall Installation Experts | WyreDreams - San Marino

Video Walls

Growing in popularity, video walls give your business a modern and professional look. We'll design and build a multi-monitor setup that consists of multiple computer monitors, video projectors, or television sets tiled together contiguously or overlapped in order to form one large screen.


Video walls give you the ability to customize tile layouts and take advantage of a greater screen area per unit cost with a near bezel less screen. Get the best bang for your buck with a video wall built with long-term serviceability in mind.

Whole House Music

We have installed several applications of whole house music for balanced and fairly distributed sound around the house and throughout the outdoor areas. It brings us a great sense of satisfaction to see our client's happy face when they see their dream has come true!

By using Sonos Wireless Speakers, switching music to different rooms is just one click away. Want to hear music in the shower while another member of the household wants a different playlist in the kitchen? With the power of our design you can listen to different music at different volumes in different rooms.


Home Wellness

Protect your home with a complete home wellness package! We work with Pure 365 to keep the air in your home free from harmful airborne particles and waterborne contaminants.


Dealing with allergies or a funny taste in your water? Our partnership has the most powerful purification systems in the world, capturing over 99% of potentially harmful ultrafine particles, microorganisms and volatile organic compounds. 

Outdoor Audio/Video

The music doesn't have to stop outside! Create the perfect party-ready environment with custom Sonance in-ground speakers, projectors, waterproof TVs, and more. Looking to upgrade your outdoor lounge for parties, pool days, and BBQs? We have waterproof TVs that are specially made and encased to withstand the natural elements.

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Networking & WiFi Optimization

The internet is used more and more every day for streaming, emails, shopping, and to run businesses efficiently. In such a constantly evolving online world, WyreDreams is experienced in solving problems and making those tech headaches go away. Issues with streaming content or signal dropping? We use high quality cabling and equipment that meet or exceed the standard for secure connections that won't let you down.


We'll provide you with options for hardwiring and running cables to virtually invisible Wi-Fi access points. We design professional equipment racks for small and big spaces to organize products, wires, and equipment. Let us help you minimize clutter around the house or in the office and server room.

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