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David Malik
Founder & President

My love for electronics started when I was 10 years old.

My dad had a boombox with huge speakers, a cabinet, a turntable, a dual cassette tape, and a tuner. It was a monster of a machine and every time he went to work I would get behind it and look at all the wires and the connections. I remember how I used to marvel at how it was connected, and I would take it apart, unplug things, and plug them back in to understand how everything works. Luckily, I figured it out and didn't break it! As I got older, I became interested in cars and racing. Again, I started dabbling with audio systems in my own car and started working as an installer for audio system in cars.

Shortly after high school, I moved to Arizona and began working for an AV company. After a few years, I found myself wanting to branch out and enter into the home automation industry. Possibly because it reminds me of that old school boom box: multiple entertainment options and a ton of fun connections to figure out! So, I started my own business venture in the Los Angeles area called Dream Home Theater. Over the next 14 years, I built up a team of talented and customer oriented engineers and installers.

In 2018, we realized our name "Dream Home Theater" did not represent all of our services and limited us to just one aspect of our specialty. So, we changed our name and rebranded to WyreDreams and launched a new campaign to become the best audio/visual and smart home professionals around!

As the President of WyreDreams, I continue to train new installers and low voltage technicians to care about every single detail of each installation. We don't just install equipment, we create custom solutions and simplify the equipment so you can actually enjoy using your new Home Theater, Music System, or Smart Home System and feel like the master of your own domain!

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